Therapy with the inert gas radon

Thanks to the natural occurrence of therapeutic radon, Weißenstadt was already described in medieval writings as the healthiest place in “German Land”. This inert gas is found in the bedrock around Weißenstadt and is produced as uranium decays; it is generally contained in the earth’s crust and air. The radon is carried by spring water that is fed from the depths of the Fichtel Mountains to our health hotel. This concentration of radon necessary for medical use is found in very few places. Kurzentrum Weißenstadt am See spa & wellness centre uses this “natural treasure” to offer a unique range of therapy options.

Healing source for your health
The healing properties of radon have been utilized for the past 100+ years. The mild radiation stimulates cells, relieves pain, boosts the immune system and activates the self-healing powers of the body. Radon can work wonders and is especially effective for treating degenerative spinal and joint disorders, inflammatory rheumatic diseases and skin and respiratory diseases. Functional limitations associated with chronic diseases can be significantly improved. In addition, the inert gas is easy on the body as it does not cause any side effect.

Effective use of radon
“Dissolve” your pain in warm water. Treatments with radon are primarily used in the form of special baths and dry baths. The gas is absorbed through the skin and the respiratory tract and thus reaches its place of action. Our therapy pool with therapeutic water is unlike any other in Germany and reinforces the positive effect of the gas through physical activity. Drinking the radon-infused water supports the therapeutic effect via the gastrointestinal tract. The positive effect demonstrated in studies lasts for many months.

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